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Personnel Summary Reports

Personnel Summary Reports Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Personnel Summary Report (PSR)? How do I know whether I need to complete one?

Personnel Summary Reports provide users with a means to capture Category 1 line item information on invoices for cost reimbursement contracts. Line items include staff member names, service periods, and wage amounts. Specific programs may require that a detailed PSR be submitted for each invoice. Please consult your respective agency contact or contract manager to confirm requirements for your organization.

2. How do I complete the PSR?

All providers required to submit the PSR should complete several fields when completing/entering PSR data for each personnel line: Last Name, First Name, Hours, Employee Amount, and Less Offsetting Support (if applicable).

3. How do I bill for overtime in EIM/ESM?

Overtime information may be recorded within the Personnel Summary. It is suggested that two entries be made on the Personnel Summary Add page: one for the regular pay, the other for the overtime. The Invoice Notes field (on the navigation bar from within the Invoice Summary page) may be used to record explanatory comments.

4. How do I remove a staff member from the Personnel Summary?

Employees may be deleted from the PSR by checking the checkbox near the relevant UFR Title and clicking the Delete Employee Button. Once an employee is deleted, there is no way to view that individual (or include them when using "copy forward").

5. I am trying to add a negative value to a Personnel Summary, but it does not seem to be working. Am I missing something?

When a line item (whether Category 1, for those that are personnel-related, or non-Category 1) is updated with a negative amount, the unexpended balance will not be immediately updated. Rather, the updated balance will appear once invoice processing is complete.

6. I just released an invoice, but realized I did not complete the Personnel Summary. Is there any way I can edit the invoice now?

To edit the invoice, it must first be returned to "draft" status. You must contact the invoice authorizer for your organization and ask him or her to deny the invoice. The invoice will then be updated to "draft" status and you will be able to complete the Personnel Summary Report.

If the invoice has already been authorized by your organization, you can not alter it. You will need to contact the agency contract manager to see if he or she wishes to 1.) reject the invoice such that you may then create and submit a new one or 2.) receive the personnel summary on paper or via e-mail (i.e. outside of EIM/ESM).