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Pesticide License Recertification and Audit Program

Massachusetts Pesticide Audit requirements

As per State Regulations 333 CMR 10.08(3)(f) and further outlined below, individuals maintaining a valid Massachusetts Pesticide Credential must be recertified every three-years. The following list includes those individuals whose three year recertification period ends no later than 07/01/2019 and who were sent an audit letter by mail in June of 2019. If your name is on the list, please check to see that your audit was submitted and that you do not owe any additional contact hours. If you need an additional copy of your 2019 Recertification/Audit Form, please contact Hoang Vo at 617-626-1818 or email to Hoang.Vo@state.ma.us.

If you fail to complete your 2019 Audit for compliance with the Department's recertification requirements, You will NOT be able to renew the applicable credential(s), but instead will have to take the applicable pesticide exam(s) again in order to maintain those credentials. 

Need Credits for your 2019 Audit?
For more information on workshops to earn Contact Hours (continuing education units) for your recertification, please visit the MDAR Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education (PACE) and UMASS Pesticide Education Program Websites.

2019 Recertification/Audit Due Date: 09/01/2019

List of Specific Individuals with Audits Due in 2019

If you are Audited in 2019 for your compliance with the Department's recertification requirements, outlined in 333 CMR 10.08(3)(f) through (g), and fail to comply with your Audit/Recertification requirements, than you will not be eligible to renew your Calendar Year 2019 pesticide applicator credential, but must take the applicable pesticide exam again, re-examination, to be licensed. All the information you need to navigate the re-examination process, including--study material order forms, exam registration applications, exam schedules, etc. is found in the Pesticide Examination and License Information Bulletin

    Your Recertification Requirements
    The Massachusetts regulations for licensing both pesticide applicators and pesticide dealers require all certified and licensed pesticide applicators and licensed dealers to be re-certified every three years either by re-examination or attendance at pre-approved recertification training programs a.k.a. continuing education workshops.

    Licensed pesticide applicators are required to attend six (6) hours of recertification classes in a three year period. Certified applicators, both commercial and private, are required to attend twelve (12) hours of recertification classes PER CATEGORY for each three year period in which the particular certification category is maintained. Licensed pesticide dealers are required to attend three (3) hours of recertification classes in a three year period.

    If you have any questions about your specific three-year recertification cycle or the year in which you may be recertified, please call or send email to the program contact above. If sending your request by email, be sure to provide your first and last name and your Massachusetts pesticide license number.

    Your Requirements for Recertification and Audit Compliance
    Each year the Department conducts an audit or recertifies select individuals maintaining a Massachusetts Pesticide Credential. All applicators that need to be recertified will be sent audit letters requiring them to submit proof of attendance at Department approved recertification training programs a.k.a. continuing education workshops.

    Remember it is your responsibility to maintain the contact hour certificates for your recertification. Do not send your contact hour certificates to the Department unless you are sent an audit letter. The Department does not maintain your contact hour certificates for you or receive them from any party other than you.

    If you have met your recertification requirements, than you should be in possession of the needed training certificates; which, document the required number of contact hours earned. Please be sure to make copies of your training certificates and retain them for your records. Then submit both the original recertification training certificates and your signed audit letter to the attention of the Pesticide Program - Audits. Please be sure to retain copies for your records before mailing the originals to the Department. Once we receive your audit response, we’ll evaluate your contact hours for recertification.

    If you haven’t earned the required contact hours needed for recertification, you may be able to find pre-approved workshops providing contact hours for recertification by using the following resources:

    There are also a number of online or web-based training programs available; whereby, you may earn up-to one-half of your required contact hours. Please review the Department’s PACE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    page for more details about online training limitations.

    You have until the due date of your audit to respond by producing documentation of your contact hours. If you have maintained your recertification requirements over the three-year recertification period, this will provide you with sufficient time to submit your required documentation.

    What You Need
    The Massachusetts Pesticide Program is required under Federal and State Laws to conduct Audits of your Pesticide Continuing Education.  If you are licensed to apply or sell pesticide products in Massachusetts, than you have been assigned a three-year continuing education cycle.  At the end of the cycle, the Department may send you an Audit Letter requesting confirmation that you have obtained the required contact hours, credits, or training. You earn contact hours by attending approved Pesticide Education Workshops. If your name is on the Annual Audit List, than you will need the following:

    • Your Pesticide Program Audit Letter; and
    • Original certificates for the contact hours or credits that you earned by attending approved Pesticide Education Workshops. 

    Next Steps
    Upon receipt of your Audit Notification Letter, view sample letter, please complete the following:

    • print and sign the audit notification letter that you receive; and
    • make sure that all Continuing Education Unit certificates (CEU's) are signed and include your license number;
    • make copies of all CEU's and signed audit letter and keep these copies for your records;
    • send via U.S. Mail the signed audit letter and CEU’s to the below address for audit review and processing.

    Failure to Comply with Your Recertification Requirements
    As outlined in the Massachusetts Pesticide regulations, individuals who do not obtain the required number of contact hours for recertification will be required to recertify by reexamination. Please note that failure to respond to the audit letter will be treated as a failure to meet the recertification requirements.
    Please note that those individuals with a commercial certification credential, who fail the recertification audit, will also be required to reexamine. These individuals CANNOT "fall-back" to a commercial license, but must take either the applicable commercial certification exam(s) or applicator license again in order to be issued a Pesticide Applicator credential for the following calendar year.