Petition for review process

Petition for review process

The following individuals have the right to request a review of the findings and conclusions as contained in a 19C investigation report:

  • Alleged Victim, Alleged Abuser
  • Legal representative of an individual described above
  • A "state agency" as defined in M.G.L. c. 19C §1

An action plan based on a 19C investigation must be appealed to the agency which developed plan (Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Department of Mental Health (DMH) or the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).

Grounds for filing a petition for review with DPPC

  • The investigation report is based on an investigation which was not conducted in accordance with the requirements of 118 CMR 5.02:(1);
  • The preponderance of evidence does not support the conclusions reached by investigation report; or
  • The preponderance evidence supports a different conclusion than the conclusion reached by the investigation report.

How to file a petition for review

Petitions for Review must be filed in writing with DPPC within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the Notice of a substantiated finding or the receipt of an investigation report that was requested. Petitions must be supported with specific, verifiable and credible evidence which is:

  • Relevant to the conclusion reached by the investigator; and
  • Likely to change the conclusion reached by the investigator

Send your petition for review to

Executive Director
Disabled Persons Protection Commission
300 Granite Street, Suite 404
Braintree, MA 02184