Physician Recruitment for Comprehensive Medical Examinations and Medical Review Organizations

These examinations are conducted on behalf of the PERAC Disability Unit

Request for Response Information

The PERAC Disability Unit schedules Comprehensive Medical Evaluations (CME's) for public sector disability retirees. PERAC recruits occupational health physicians for these services through an open enrollment process. 

A Medical Review Organization (MRO) is a health organization that provides medical services within a medical community (examples: hospital-based occupational health unit, independent occupational health clinic, etc.).

In order to work with PERAC, physicians for CME and MRO must respond to our Comprehensive Medical Evaluation RFR. Physicians must meet the criteria described in the PERAC CME RFR and adhere to the conditions, follow procedures, and ensure the quality of the physician reports. Physicians within an MRO must also operate within the mandates of the RFR.

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation RFR

Attachments to the RFR:

Responding to the RFR

Interested parties must respond to the Comprehensive Medical Evaluations RFR through CommBuys to contract for these services. 

Responses will be reviewed by PERAC staff. If approved, physicians will be asked to perform objective evaluations and appropriate medical testing (approved by the PERAC Nurse Case Manager), and advise PERAC as to a retiree's continuing disability or ability to be restored to service.

If you have any questions concerning the process, please contact Jane Carritte, Clinical Nurse Case Manager at (617) 591-8953.

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