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Planning Assistance Grants

The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) is offering Massachusetts cities and towns technical help to improve their land use practices.

Grants are available to the Commonwealth’s municipalities, and Regional - Planning Agencies acting on their behalf to support their efforts to plan, regulate (zone), and act to conserve and develop land consistent with the Massachusetts’ Sustainable Development Principles.

These Planning Assistance Grants are part of an effort to encourage municipalities to implement land use regulations that are consistent with the Baker-Polito Administration’s land conservation and development objectives including reduction of land, energy, and natural resource consumption, provision of sufficient and diverse housing, and mitigation of/preparation for climate change.  Funds help communities retain appropriate technical expertise and undertake the public process associated with creating plans and adopting land use regulations.

Priorities for Program spending include:

  1. Zoning for sustainable housing production consistent with the Baker-Polito Administration’s Housing Choice Initiative (e.g. Accessory Dwelling Units, 40R Smart Growth Zoning, Transit Oriented Development, or Mixed-Use zoning);
  2. Mitigation of climate change through zoning and other regulations that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions via a better mix of land uses, more compact growth, enhanced design, etc.; and
  3. Zoning that results in permanent land conservation (e.g. Natural Resource Protection Zoning or Transfer of Development Rights).

2019 Planning Grants

The deadline to respond to the following solicitation is May 24, 2019 at 5pm.

Past Grant Rounds:

2017 Grants:  $1,296,219 was awarded to 37 applicants

2018 Grants:  $1,030,659 was awarded to 31 applicants


Contact: or 617-626-1154