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Public Housing Operating Subsidies


Program Information

DHCD's Division of Public Housing and Rental Assistance, which administers this program, has the responsibility for regulatory and administrative oversight of all state public housing programs.  These programs address the needs of:

  • low-income families
  • the elderly
  • persons with disabilities.

The Housing Operating Subsidy Program, funded through the annual state budget, provides for the operation of state-funded public housing. Included in the program are the following unit types:

  • Elderly (Chapter 667)
  • Veterans Family Housing (Chapter 200)
  • Family Housing (Chapter 705)
  • Special Needs Housing (Chapter 689)

How it works:

The Department approves an operating budget for the local housing authorities. Once the budget is approved, the level of spending is authorized. When income at the housing authority falls short of the approved level, DHCD provides a subsidy for the balance. Because of the number of low-income residents in some housing authority developments, rents do not generate sufficient income to cover operating expenses and an operating subsidy is required.

Who is eligible:

All local and regional housing authorities formed under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 121B.

Application process:

Subsidies are distributed on a formula basis for units constructed under Chapter 200, 667, and 705 programs. Some units from Ch. 689 are also included.

For further information:

Please call the Bureau of Housing Management at (617) 573-1150.