QI tools and surveys

Health transition resources for healthcare providers

Health Care Transition — Measure It — Got Transition has developed two different measurement approaches to assess the extent to which the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition 2.0 are being incorporated into clinical processes:

  • Current Assessment of Health Care Transition Activities
    This is a qualitative self-assessment method that allows individual providers, practices, or networks to determine the level of health care transition support currently available to youth and young adults transitioning from pediatric to adult health care. It is intended to provide a current snapshot of how far along a practice is in implementing the Six Core Elements.
  • Health Care Transition Process Measurement Tool
    This is an objective scoring method, with documentation specifications, that allows a practice or network to assess progress in implementing the Six Core Elements and, eventually, dissemination to all youth and young adults. It is intended to be conducted at the start of a transition improvement initiative - as a baseline measure, and then repeated periodically to assess progress.


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