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Quality Assurance (QA) Review

Quality Assurance (QA), a unit within Operational Services Division’s Office of Financial Compliance, assists and evaluates Level III Executive Agencies adhering to Procurement practices.

Questions and Answers


What categories are looked at during a QA review?

The following categories are reviewed:

  • Transactions overview
  • Sample transactions review
  • Procurement exceptions review
  • Statewide Contracts utilization review
  • Procurement file management review

What types of transactions are included in a QA review?

QA reviews include purchases of goods/services within MMARS object codes covered under the procurement regulation 801 CMR 21.00. Certain object codes, though covered under 801 CMR 21.00, are purposely excluded from QA reviews as they are not required to be ordered through COMMBUYS. An Agency may contact QA for more details about types of transactions that are being reviewed during a QA review.

How is it determined which agency will be reviewed?

At the beginning of each fiscal year, OSD’s QA unit will identify agencies to be reviewed, based on several factors such as:

  • Special requests or non-compliance issues brought to the attention of OSD
  • Time since last QA review was performed
  • New agencies

May Agencies make special requests for reviews?

Reviews outside of the established schedule are possible if a request is made.

How are Agencies made aware that they are undergoing a QA Review?

An Agency’s Chief Fiscal Officer will be contacted by a QA Auditor with an introductory email and a Planning Questionnaire.

Do Agencies need to utilize COMMBUYS for all statewide contract purchases?

Yes – Agencies are required to utilize COMMBUYS for all statewide contract purchases for, goods and services.  Agencies may exclude certain predefined types of transactions from ordering through COMMBUYS, i.e. MM3 and M03 transactions.

Do Agencies need to utilize COMMBUYS for placing departmental contract purchase orders?

Yes – Agencies are required to enter the departmental contracts into COMMBUYS to form a Master Blanket Purchase Order (MBPO). When placing a departmental contract order in COMMBUYS, Agencies are required to properly process the orders against their applicable departmental contract MBPO.

Do Agencies need to utilize COMMBUYS for service contracts (CT)?

Yes – Agencies are required to utilize COMMBUYS for services that are covered under 801 CMR 21.00. 


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