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Recent Decisions

Find Recent Certificates issued by Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs

Recent Decisions

At the close of the review period for an Environmental Notification Form (ENF), Environmental Impact Report (EIR) or Notice of Project Change (NPC), the Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs issues a written certificate.  

For ENFs, the certificate states whether or not an Environmental Impact Report is required and, if so, what is required in the scope. For EIRs, the certificate states whether or not the EIR adequately and properly complies with MEPA and the MEPA regulations. NPC certificates state whether additional MEPA review is warranted.

Recent decisions can be found here.

Older Decisions

Older decisions can be found by searching the Project Database with the projects  EEA# or municipality.  The certificate for the project may be found in older versions of the Environmental Monitor or Environmental Monitor archives  in either the first or second Environmental Monitor publication date after the projects "Action Date."


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