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Register for Appeals Court Listserv Announcements

Sign up for e-mail updates from the Appeals Court

The Appeals Court maintains a listserv that sends updates to registered e-mail addresses with general news affecting the Appeals Court.  To register for the Appeals Court's listserv, send an email to

By registering, you will receive:

  • The Review.  The Review is a quarterly newsletter that serves to connect the Appeals Court with the Appellate Bar by communicating important events and news related to policy, practice and procedure in the Appeals Court.
  • Oral argument schedules.  The Appeals Court sends a listserv announcement each time it releases monthly oral argument schedules and highlights any sitting scheduled outside of John Adams Courthouse as a part of the Appeals Court's continuing outreach program.
  • Amicus announcements.  The Appeals Court periodically invites amicus ("friend of the court") briefs from parties not directly involved in a case, but that may have an interest or opinion about a case pending before the court.
  • Rules changes.  Amendments and proposals to amend rules of procedure, court rules, or standing orders applicable to practice in the Appeals Court.
  • Pilot programs.  Information about new programs or initiatives designed to improve court practices or procedures.   
  • Court closures.  Notification of court closures due to inclement weather.