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Explanation and description of civil service examinations

Time to request an examination.  Below is an explanation of examination types and components with instructions on how to enter a request in our online system.

Examination Options

Selection Methods/Examination Components

  • Written Examination: consists of a written multiple-choice test
  • Employment/Experience (In-title E/E): consists of evaluation and scoring of a candidate’s experience on the job in the exam title only
  • Education & Experience (E&E): consists of evaluation and scoring of a candidate’s many education and experience factors from attainment of a degree to experience in job titles from entry-level through promotional
  • Assessment Centers (Delegated): are a series of exercises designed to test how well a candidate would perform in a job, using simulations and role players to replicate real, on-the-job situations. Candidates are evaluated on qualities such as Leadership, Decision-Making, Interpersonal Skills, and Written and Oral Communication.
    • This type of examination requires the use of a delegation agreement with the Civil Service Unit.

Types of Examinations

Open Competitive - Anyone who meets the minimum qualifications can take these exams.

Departmental Promotional - These exams are open to permanent employees of the participating department only who meet the eligibility qualifications established for the specific announced examination.

Examination Request Types

  • Written Exam with Education & Experience
  • Weighted-Graded Exam (Written, Assessment Center, and Education & Experience) - Only candidates that pass the written take the Assessment Center
  • Sole Assessment Center with In-Title Experience
  • Sole Assessment Center with Education & Experience

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How to Enter a Requisition for an Examination

Once you have determined the type of examination you are going to request you will need to log into the Civil Service On-line System and enter the request for each title.

How to Enter a Request for an Examination