Resources: ASL Classes


There are lots of options available both locally and online. This is by no means a complete list, but might help you get started exploring options that fit for you. Most individuals who are Deaf say it is always best to learn from an instructor who is Deaf.

You should also google “ASL Classes (Your City)”, and surrounding towns, to find more local options.

Available Options:

-Deaf, Inc., in Allston.* Classes are taught by Deaf instructors. All classes online right now due to Covid.

-Beverly School for the Deaf.* Some classes are taught by Deaf staff, some by hearing staff.

-The Learning Center -

-Arlington Community Education.* (Google various City/Town Community Education Programs.)

-Perkins School for the Blind used to hold ASL classes.* The class I took was taught by a hearing instructor, but he had decades of experience in the Deaf community. You may call there to inquire; they may not be holding them anymore or perhaps they are on hold due to Covid.

-Northeastern University Summer Immersion.* This has been postponed due to covid.


Online lessons: (this is the full site)* (these are the lessons)*

Bill Vicars is an amazing teacher. His lessons are free on youtube and resources on lifeprint! (There is also a paid course on lifeprint.)

-Gaulladet University (both free and paid services)-

Online ASL Dictionary:



College level classes:

Contact these facilities if you are interested in ASL Interpreting as a career or call these schools and ask if they know of any other resources.

-Northeastern -

-Norther Essex -

-Framingham State -