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Route & Service Details - South Coast Rail

South Coast Rail will be implemented in phases.


  • Phase 1 will extend the existing Middleborough/Lakeville Commuter Rail Line to Taunton, Fall River and New Bedford.
  • Design and permitting of the Full Build Stoughton Electric Service are continuing. This route will travel from Boston's South Station to Stoughton using a portion of the Northeast Corridor. The route continues south along a combination of inactive right-of-way and freight railroad before splitting south of Taunton for terminus stations in Fall River and New Bedford.
  • For more details, see the Phase 1 and Full Build corridor maps linked below.

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Commuter Rail Service

  • Phase 1 service will include a total of 26 trains (each-way) for weekday service. The MBTA will operate three morning peak trains and three evening peak trains to both New Bedford and Fall River. Taunton and Middleborough will see up to six morning and six evening peak trains because all of the service will pass through those communities.
  • During off-peak periods, three trains will operate on a 3-3 ½ hour frequency.
  • Operations details will be confirmed as design advances.


  • Phase 1 (Middleborough Early Service) will provide service to nine existing stations. The project will require six new stations:
    • Middleborough
    • East Taunton
    • Freetown
    • Fall River Depot
    • North New Bedford
    • New Bedford
  • Full Build service will include a total of five new stations (North Easton, Easton Village, Raynham Place, Taunton and Battleship Cove), five stations built for Phase 1 (East Taunton, Freetown, Fall River Depot, North New Bedford and New Bedford and two reconstructed stations (Canton Center and Stoughton).
  • The stations will comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Standards, including 800-foot high-level platforms for "all doors" boarding. Other amenities will include benches, canopies and parking (in most locations).

Train Layover Facilities

  • The MBTA will construct two overnight layover facilities, sites for storing the trains at night when they are not in use, near each terminus station. The train sets start and end each service day from these facilities.
  • Phase 1 will build two new layover stations in Fall River (Weaver’s Cove) and New Bedford (Wamsutta). Each will include six storage tracks, crew quarters, a maintenance shed and parking facilities. For Phase 1 service, South Coast Rail will also use the existing Middleborough Layover facility.