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SAFIS eTRIPS online help

Having difficulty entering your trip-level reports electronically? Our SAFIS tutorial videos can help you enter your information accurately and efficiently.

About SAFIS Help

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Welcome to Electronic Reporting

This video goes over how to get an account and log-on to SAFIS eTRIPS.

To view these in full screen HD, click on the “settings” button in the bottom right corner of the video. Then choose 1080pHD from the list for the best video quality. You can then click the broken box icon to view in full screen. These two tips will allow you to be able to read the text on the screen much more clearly.

How to Enter a "Did Not Fish" Report

This video goes over how to enter "did not fish" or "negative" reports using the SAFIS eTRIPS Application.

How to Set Up the Favorites

This video goes over setting up your default trip-level data. Please view this video before the "How to Enter a Trip Report" video.

How to Enter a Trip Report

This video goes over how to enter a positive trip report. Please view the “How to Set up the Favorites” video prior to this one. Also, the method in which you add a species to the list of catches within a trip report has changed. See the PDF below for more information.

Additional Resources for How to Enter a Trip Report

How to Use the New Catch Source Field in SAFIS eTRIPS

This video goes through changes associated with a new field called Catch Source. This new field will impact how eTRIPS users report carred catch and aquaculture harvest.

How to Report Sales from Car

This video goes over how to use the fishbowl function to remove product stored in the car for sale, personal use, or discard. Please view the “How to Enter a Trip Report” video prior to this one.

How to Use the Reports Menu

This video goes over how to use the Reports Menu to view, sort, and filter the data you enter in a trip report or a negative report.