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SRBTF Board Information

Board members, upcoming meetings & past minutes

SRBTF Procurements 

*Legal Services* issued August 20, 2021* 

All responses due via COMMBUYS by 5:00PM on September 15, 2021.  Corresponds to BD-22-1058-SRBT-SRBT-65626


SRBTF Board Members

John W. Parsons
Public Employee Retirement Commission

Theresa Flynn
Gubernatorial Appointment

Deborah Goldberg
Treasurer and Receiver General (designee: Nicola Favorito, Chair) 

Matthew Veno
Group Insurance Commission (designee: James Rust) 

Michael Heffernan
Secretary of Administration and Finance (designee: Frank Gervasio) 

William McNamara 

Michael C. Tow, CFP
Treasurer Appointment

2021 Meeting Dates

Pursuant to the Governor’s March 12, 2020 “Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, § 20”, SRBTF meetings will be held through remote participation until otherwise noted.  Meetings are open to the public- please contact to gain access.

  • Thursday February 4 @ 9:30AM - open meeting notice 
  • Thursday April 1 @ 9:30AM - CANCELLED
  • Friday June 11 @ 9:30AM  -  (rescheduled from June 3rd) open meeting notice
  • Thursday August 12 @ 9:30AM (rescheduled from August 5th)  
  • Thursday October 7 @ 9:30AM  
  • Thursday December 2 @ 9:30AM 

Minutes For Past Meetings

05-07-20 Meeting Minutes

06-04-20 Meeting Minutes

08-06-20 Meeting Minutes 

12-03-20 Meeting Minutes

02-04-21 Meeting Minutes

06-11-21 Meeting Minutes (to be posted) 

Please contact Jeffrey Moyer to obtain any additional board meeting records.