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SRBTF Board Information

Board members, upcoming meetings & past minutes

SRBTF Board Members

John W. Parsons
Public Employee Retirement Commission

Theresa Flynn
Gubernatorial Appointment

Deborah Goldberg
Treasurer and Receiver General (designee: Nicola Favorito, Chair) 

Matthew Veno
Group Insurance Commission (designee: James Rust) 

Michael Heffernan
Secretary of Administration and Finance (designee: Frank Gervasio) 

William McNamara 

Michael C. Tow, CFP
Treasurer Appointment

2022 Meeting Dates

SRBTF meetings will be held through remote participation until otherwise noted.  Meetings are open to the public- please contact to gain access.

  • Thursday February 10th @ 9:30AM  
  • Thursday May 12th @ 9:30AM 
  • Thursday August 11th @ 9:30AM 
  • Thursday December 8th @ 9:30AM 

Minutes For Past Meetings

12-03-20 Meeting Minutes

02-04-21 Meeting Minutes

06-11-21 Meeting Minutes 

08-12-21 Meeting Minutes  

Please contact Jeffrey Moyer to obtain any additional board meeting records.