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Submit Road Inventory updates

Information on how to submit updates to MassDOT for the Road Inventory File.

Road Inventory Submission Application ( RISA )

As of December 31st, MassDOT will no longer be supporting the use of New Road Entry Forms to update the Road Inventory File (RIF).

To submit changes to the RIF, users will first need to have a geoDOT account with access to the RISA. Please use the form below to request a new account or access to RISA.

As of September 2018 we will begin a soft rollout to allow time for questions and feedback.

Please watch our introductory video to get started using the application..

  • NOTE: Supporting documentation is required to be uploaded in the case of a new road acceptance or an adjustment to jurisdiction. The following documents will be acceptable for submission:
    • Record of vote
    • Mayoral or Selectman decree of acceptance
    • Clerk certified letter of ownership status

Road Inventory Submission Application

Request RISA Access