Tandem truck parking

There are 4 parking lots you can access in the state while driving a tandem truck.

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If you drive a tandem trailer truck, you can drive on both the MassPike and the Boston Extension. If you drive a small tandem trailer, your vehicle can drive from the Boston Extension until I-93 in downtown Boston. No tandem trailers of any size can enter the Sumner/Callahan or the Ted Williams tunnels.

While driving your tandem trailer truck, you can take advantage of 4 tandem trailer parking lots in the state:

  • Springfield - Located next to Interchange 6 with 35 parking spaces
  • Millbury - Located next to Interchange 10A with 16 parking spaces
  • Weston - Located after the Interchange 14 eastbound toll plaza with 19 parking spaces
  • Weston - Located before the Interchange 14 westbound toll plaza with 34 parking spaces

Your tandem trailer truck is not allowed past the Weston Interchange 14 trailer lot.