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Transportation Listening Sessions Information

Find out why the EEA and DOT hosted listening sessions.


Massachusetts has taken strong actions to ensure we meet our commitments under the nation-leading Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008 (GWSA).  The MA greenhouse gas inventory shows emissions in the Commonwealth in 2014 are 21 percent below the 1990 baseline level, leaving about 4 percent remaining to achieve the GWSA emission reduction goal for 2020.  Much of the reduction in emissions to date has been from cuts made in the power sector, leaving the transportation sector as the biggest opportunity for greenhouse gas emission reduction in the Commonwealth. 

Massachusetts has a number of policies in the Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020 that are working to ensure the reduction of transportation emissions.  However, further reduction is needed to position the Commonwealth to meet the GWSA emission reduction goal for 2050.

The Transportation Listening Sessions captured ideas and policy solutions to combat climate change and air pollution generated by the transportation sector while also supporting a resilient, equitable transportation network for the Commonwealth.

The evening meetings included a presentation followed by a comment period. The daytime meetings had the same presentation with small discussion groups afterwards.

Written comments were accepted through January 26, 2018.

Massachusetts Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 1990-2014
Massachusetts Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 1990-2014