Types of public records maintained by EOTSS

Learn about the categories of public records we maintain

To make it easier for requestors, we have compiled a list of all the categories of public records we maintain. 

Procurement Records

Documents including:

  • Solicitation and other Contract Documents
  • Written communications with vendors
  • Information Technology procurement policies, standards, and guidelines
  • Agreements between EOTSS and other states, other government entities, other branches of government, or nonprofits.

Administrative Records

Documents including:

  • Agency Policies and procedures
  • Speeches, press releases and other public statements by agency officials
  • Disaster plan
  • Committee minutes

Legal and Regulatory Records

Documents including:

  • Litigation-related documents 

Fiscal Records

Documents Including:

  • Budget documents
  • Fiscal reports
  • Operating Budget
  • Capital Budget

Facilities Records

Documents including:

  • Massachusetts Information Technology Center and Springfield Data Center operational documents

Information Systems Records

Documents including:

  • System planning documentation
  • System applications development records
  • Systems maintenance, monitoring, and testing documents

Personnel Records

Documents including:

  • HR policies and programming records
  • Recruitment and hiring records

Security Records

Documents including:

  • System requirements
  • Breach notifications required under MGL ch. 93H