Uniform Financial Reports Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions and answers supporting the submission of UFR by Human and Social Services Providers.
  1. Why am I required to file an UFR?

    Under 808 CMR 1.00, contractors and subcontractors who have obtained a contract(s) through Commonwealth Departments for human and social services are required to file a properly completed UFR.
  2. Can I file an exempted UFR?

    Yes, an organization maybe exempt from filing a complete UFR. Please review the Exception/Exemption section of the UFR Audit and Preparation Manual at https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2017/08/zq/UFR2017.pdf
  3. How do I log into the OSD UFR eFiling system?

    The UFR eFile system may be accessed at OSD eFiling Home Page. Your log-in ID is your agency’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and a password is required to access your agency’s profile page.
  4. How may we obtain our login password or change our login password with a change in our UFR contact person?

    Please email us at UFReFilehelp@massmail.state.ma.us with the new contact person’s full name, phone number, and email address.
  5. How do we upload our completed UFR?

    For a step-by-step instruction guide, please click here: Information and Resources on the Uniform Financial Reports. Scroll down the page until you see User Guides. There are guides for contractors, CPAs, and public users of the UFR.
  6. How do I file for an extension?

    An extension letter must be uploaded to the UFR system requesting a limited amount of additional time with justification as to why this time is required. See sample letter at Information and Resources on the Uniform Financial Reports under Other Documents.
  7. How do we resubmit/refile our UFR?

    Should a reviewed UFR be resubmitted, login to your organization’s home page and follow the instructions for piecemeal/resubmission. See additional information and guidance in the User Guides found at Information and Resources on the Uniform Financial Reports.
  8. How do we assign a CPA?

    Log in to your organization’s home page and click on “select CPA”.
  9. How can we obtain the Federal Funds List?

    Go to the UFR home page and select Federal Funds Report, which is located on the lower left of the web page. Enter your FEIN (no dashes) and the fiscal year from the drop down menu.


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