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User Security (User Request Forms)

User Security (User Request Forms) Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make changes to my User Request Form?

After you have completed and submitted the User Request Form (URF) for the first time, you might need to make a change. You may need to reflect staff turnover (new hires and/or departures) or existing staff might need additional or different roles. In such cases, you need to complete a new URF.

Guidelines for providers, grouped by the reason for a URF change, appear below.

New Hires

For each new hire requiring security access, please complete the following six fields on the URF

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Month and day of birth
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number
  • Work e-mail address
  • Work phone number

You need to assign specific roles (at least one) according to business function. Identify the appropriate role(s) to be added on the form by indicating "A" in the column of the role(s) desired.

Roles are categorized on the form within three groupings:

  • "Common Roles," which apply to EIM and ESM
  • EIM roles, which vary according to contract type and
  • ESM roles, which currently apply only to DPH providers.

Role Changes

To modify an existing user's security roles, complete the six fields listed above. If the user requires an additional role, note the addition by placing an "A" in the column of that role. Likewise, an "E" should be noted if the role is existing (existing roles should be cited when another role is being added or deleted) and "D" should be used if the role is to be deleted (such as if a person's job roles change).

2. A member of my staff does not seem to be able to access features he/she needs in EIM/ESM. Why is this?

Prior to assigning roles to individual staff members, the Virtual Gateway makes sure that all corresponding training requirements have been met. If requirements have not been fulfilled, access to the EIM/ESM service may be limited. Once all training requirements are met, role adjustments will be made to the profile of the user(s) involved.

3. I already submitted my User Request Form (URF) for Provider Data Management (Salary Reserve). Do I have to submit it again? Is EIM/ESM the same as Salary Reserve?

EIM/ESM is not the same as Provider Data Management (PDM). Any work you do for PDM is separate from the work that you do for EIM/ESM. EIM/ESM has its own set of forms and activities, including completion of the URF.