VL 100.4 School Attendance

Click on the case numbers below to access decisions that consider whether a claimant is eligible for benefits, if the person left a job in order to attend school.

0018 2363 62

0018 2363 62 (Oct. 28, 2016) – When claimant returned from an extended workers’ compensation leave, the employer only had work available on the evening shift.  Because this conflicted with her law school classes, the claimant chose to resign rather than forfeit $14,000 in tuition.  This was a financial decision and not good cause attributable to the employer to quit.  Financial loss and stress do not constitute urgent, compelling, and necessitous circumstances.

0016 1648 59

0016 1648 59 (Dec. 28, 2015) – Claimant, who was retroactively awarded training benefits on appeal, may quit subsidiary part-time employment obtained during the benefit year, because his part-time job interfered with his participation in an approved full-time training program, without incurring disqualification or a constructive deduction.



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