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Why EMS?

Find out why your community or agency would be best served by going through EMS to procure energy conservation and efficiency technology.

What can EMS do for you

EMS is designed to help your community or organization have better access to energy and water conservation measures. They can help you procure better conservation technologies, as well as hold construction companies to high standards with a performance guarantee.


There are a number of key reasons to consider going through EMS for your energy and water conservation projects:

  • EMS can help you obtain new capital equipment without much up-front capital investment.
  • EMS offers performance guarantees from the companies they contract.
  • Over the course of your contract with EMS, they will train your staff to optimize the performance of the new technology.
  • When the contract is signed, EMS guarantees a specified amount of energy savings that will come from the completion of the project. If these benchmarks aren't met, EMS will pay for the shortfall.

Things to consider

Before contracting with EMS, there are things that you should know and factor into your decision making:

  • EMS contracts will help your community purchase equipment or other physical measures to help reduce your energy and water costs. You cannot use them to hire individuals such as custodians.
  • You should only consider EMS if the project you are planning will improve your energy or water systems. If your project will increase utility costs, you should reconsider¬†implementing an EMS contract.
  • Make sure your project is large enough that the savings it produces will cover the investment. If it is not large enough, you should consider expanding the project to more buildings or facilities.