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Wildlands Fund

Help MassWildlife protect habitat with a license purchase or donation.

The Wildlands Fund pays for the cost of acquiring wildlife habitat.

In the early 1990's, sportsmen and women realized that the cost of land was escalating.Through an organized effort, they passed legislation requiring the purchase of a Wildlands Conservation Stamp ($5) when buying a fishing, hunting, or trapping license. Revenue from the "Wildlands Stamp," as it is commonly called, goes to the Wildlands Fund which pays for the cost of acquiring wildlife habitat. Lands purchased with this revenue are open to fishing, hunting, trapping and other passive wildlife related recreation. The other source of funding for land acquisition are open space bond funds.

Help MassWildlife protect habitat! Purchase a fishing or hunting license or make a direct donation to the Wildlands Fund by sending a check made payable to Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to:

251 Causeway St., Suite 400
Boston, MA 02114

Consider making a donation to the Wildlands Fund in someone's name. Organizations hosting a presentation by a MassWildlife staff person have often contributed to the fund. Some families who have lost a loved one have directed donations to the Wildlands Fund.