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Shared Streets and Spaces Grant Program

A Quick-Launch/Quick-Build Municipal Funding Program

The Shared Streets and Spaces Program looks forward to accepting new applications beginning in January 2022. Details on future program operation including exact deadlines, application documents, and eligibility requirements will be published here as they become available.

Building on the success of the Shared Streets and Spaces Municipal Grant Program first launched during the summer of 2020 -- and later extended to address the particular challenges of winter -- the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is now announcing a new phase of the program. The new phase will operate similarly to previous iterations of the Shared Streets and Spaces Program by supporting municipalities and transit authorities to improve plazas, sidewalks, curbs, streets, bus stops, parking areas, and other public spaces in support of public health, safe mobility, and renewed commerce. In light of recent increases in speeding-related crashes and fatalities, this new phase of the program will have an additional emphasis on safety, and is looking to fund projects that improve safety for all road users through interventions that achieve safer conditions and safer speeds.

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