Shared Streets and Spaces Grant Program

A funding program that supports quick-launch improvements to public health, safe mobility, and strengthened commerce in Massachusetts municipalities.

The Shared Streets and Spaces Program is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). The program provides funding to municipalities and public transit authorities to quickly implement improvements to plazas, sidewalks, curbs, streets, bus stops, parking areas, and other public spaces in support of public health, safe mobility, and strengthened commerce. Building on the success of the program first launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic during the summer of 2020, the program continues to be an integral funding source for communities as they address ongoing challenges and seek to improve their transportation infrastructure.

MassDOT is pleased to announce that the fourth grant round of the Shared Streets and Spaces Program is now open. Applications are due March 1, 2022. Only municipalities and public transit authorities are eligible to apply. Applications are submitted via an online form. For more details, visit the how to apply page or learn more information by clicking the links below.

While multiple project types are eligible for Shared Streets and Spaces funding, this funding round will be placing particular emphasis on a specific type of roadway project: the management of vehicular speeds through design interventions. “Speed Management” involves making targeted changes to streets, using identified safety measures, in order to reduce crashes and the severity of crashes through safer and more consistent vehicle speeds. With speeding and speeding-related crashes becoming more frequent on both our highways and in our local neighborhoods, and injuries and fatalities increasing, Speed Management has never been so important. Everyone can benefit from slower and safer roads. Learn more about Speed Management projects as well as other eligible project types by clicking Program Overview below.

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