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Training, Exercises and Conferences

Training and Exercises strengthen public safety and preparedness capabilities.

Each year the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) works to create an overall training and exercise plan. This plan correlates to the needs of the response community. We offer free courses to make cities and towns more resilient. MEMA works to enhance the preparedness of communities for all hazards.

A comprehensive training and exercise program improves operational readiness, reveals planning gaps and resource limitations, bolsters coordination, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and enhances individual performance.

This program focuses on five key areas:

Training: Teaches knowledge, skills and abilities
Exercise: Tests skills achieved in training, and identifies areas that need more training.
Planning: Create and test emergency plans in the event of a disaster
Organizing/Equipping: Show the skills in the use of equipment and find areas for improvement.
Improvement Planning: Find problems and build upon areas where we did not do well, but want to do better.