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Northeast Emergency Management Training & Education Center (NEMTEC)

The New England states, led by the MEMA, have established the NEMTEC to help professionals within the emergency services sector meet the evolving needs of the region in response to the emerging threats & expanding roles for emergency management.

NEMTEC’s primary purpose is to provide a current, relevant, and comprehensive training and education program across New England that would not otherwise be achievable by any one state, alone. Delivering the program through virtual, hybrid, and in-person modalities, NEMTEC will align and share training resources among the states, work collaboratively to develop and implement training and education programs to meet emerging needs, and manage an extensive curriculum and cadre to benefit the region's emergency management professionals.

This organization is led by MEMA (MA) and New England State Directors, working in close collaboration with and supported by all New England states State Training Officers.

Center Highlights

No Cost Training

  • The Center will not charge tuition or fees to participants, states, or localities. Travel costs and charges for third-party providers are separate and are not considered tuition or fees; these will be the responsibility of the participant or their agency.

In Person & Virtual

  • Courses and trainings will be provided primarily through virtual delivery but will also include hybrid and in-person delivery for some courses. The Center will prioritize innovation in eLearning and will proactively seek emerging technologies and tools that will enhance virtual programs with the goal of being the national leader in eLearning for emergency management.

 Diverse Curriculum

  • NEMTEC will offer a curriculum that covers the broad span of emergency management topic areas. Curriculum will include existing training and education from a variety of sources as well as courses and trainings developed by the New England states. Because the Center is able to be more nimble and responsive to emerging needs of the professions, it will be able to develop high-quality training without needing to wait for or rely on other agencies and institutions. 


  • The Center will be a collaborative program that brings together all New England states, federal and local emergency management, and emergency managers from various sectors to build the comprehensive curriculum, guide and support development of new courses and trainings, and assist with implementation of the program. This level of collaboration across sectors and levels of government helps ensure the Center meets the needs of all stakeholders through a whole community approach.

Course Admission

  • Admission to courses and trainings is based upon the demonstrated need of the student and/or sponsoring agency.

Accessible Programming

  • All in person and virtual courses and trainings will be accessible to individuals with disabilities and those who do not speak English well. The Center will go beyond minimal compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other non-discrimination requirements to build a program that leads the nation in universally accessible virtual training. From procurement to choosing the accessible delivery platforms to instructor training on accessibility, the Center will ensure every participant is able to fully access the program.

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