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Apply for DBE Certification 

Please complete and submit all required forms and documents.

Register for information session 

Massachusetts companies should sign-up for a session before submitting an application for DBE or ACDBE certification.

Apply for Interstate DBE Certification 

You can apply for Interstate Certification if you are currently a DBE certified by your home state certifying agent.

Find newly Certified/Decertified businesses 

Find newly Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certified or decertified businesses.

Update your DBE company address 

You must submit a written request if the address of your company has changed.

Request to update description, category expansion and NAICS code 

Request updates to your current certified description or to add more NAICS codes.

Withdraw your DBE certification 

Withdraw your certification if you no longer wish to remain certified or if your company is no longer in business.

Change in circumstance for DBE businesses 

If a change occurs in your business, it is your responsibility to inform us within 30 days.

Update your DBE contact information 

To update your contact information in the directory of certified businesses.