Upgrading Technology with Skills Capital Grants

Supports job-related or technical training through grants for buying and installing equipment and related improvements

Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito created the Workforce Skills Cabinet in 2015, bringing together the Secretariats of Education, Labor and Workforce Development and Housing and Economic Development in order to align education, economic development and workforce policies, and to strategize around how to meet employers’ demand for skilled workers in each region of the state.

The goal of the Skills Capital Grants is to help high schools, colleges and other educational institutions invest in the most up-to-date training equipment to give their students an advantage when they continue in their chosen field or particular area of study. The Skills Capital Grants cover a broad array of fields, from construction and engineering to healthcare and hospitality.

Since 2015, 538 Skills Capital Grants totaling $204 million have been awarded to different schools and educational institutions across the Commonwealth, with many organizations receiving multiple grants over the years.

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