transcript  File your small claim online

If you have a minor legal case you can file a small claims case

The scales of justice appear next to a manila envelope. The envelope opens and a form labeled “Small Claims” emerges from it.

A small claims case is an inexpensive option in cases where the amount you claim you are owed, with some exceptions, is not more than $7,000

A paper check appears. The amount on the check starts at $7,000 and gradually decreases.

The easiest and most convenient way to file a small claims case is online

A laptop computer opens, and the browser is opened to the website where one can file a small claims case online

This way, you don’t have go to the courthouse until the day of your court hearing

A courthouse fades in on screen, and then falls off screen

You can file right from home

A two-story house flies in from offscreen in the same place the courthouse used to be

The site asks about your case in plain language, and then completes each form based on your answers

A laptop opens up, and the browser screen reads “Guide and File.” A form labeled “Small Claims” drifts in next to the computer.

And electronically files the form in the court you select for a nominal fee

The laptop falls offscreen, and the “Small Claims” form is centered. Below, three folders appear, labeled “Housing Court,” “District Court,” and “Boston Municipal Court.” The “Small Claims” form is placed inside one of the folders.

You can also choose to print the form

The form emerges from a printer.

Then file at the courthouse where the plaintiff or defendant lives or does business

A map of Massachusetts fades in, with pinpoints across the map denoting the locations of court houses. An information box emerges out of one of the pinpoints, with the image of a courthouse inside it.

You’ll usually get your notice of hearing date in 2 to 4 weeks

Days are filled in one-by-one on a month calendar, until the whole month is filled.

File a small claims case online

A button with the text File Today appears on screen and links to: