Useful Definitions: Explanations of the electric industries’ frequently used terms for deregulation/restructuring.

Reading Your Bill: Understanding the terms and items listed on your electric bill.

Restructured Electric Industry

What is Competitive Supply?

Competitive Supplier Frequently Asked Questions pdf format of Competitive Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Service Bill Recalculation: pdf format of Basic Service Bill Recalculation
A residential consumer that switches from basic service to a competitive supplier may have previous electricity bills recalculated.

Licensed Competitive Suppliers and Electricity Brokers by Distribution Company:

Complete List of Licensed Electricity Suppliers and Brokers: A complete list of approved competitive suppliers and electricity brokers in Massachusetts.

Information Disclosure Labels: Competitive suppliers will submit Information Disclosure Labels to consumers on a quarterly basis.

Consumer Complaints: Who to contact if you have a complaint against an electricity broker or a competitive supplier.


This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities.