List of door-to-door and telemarketing vendors

The DPU requires electric and gas competitive suppliers to submit a list of the third-party door-to-door and telemarketing vendors they use to market electric and gas supply products in MA. You can view a list of these vendors by clicking on the links below.

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Third-party telemarketing and door-to-door marketing vendors

Each electric and gas competitive supplier in MA must provide to the DPU:

  1. an up-to-date list of third-party telemarketing vendors that market on behalf of the supplier, and
  2. an up-to-date list of third-party door-to-door marketing vendors that market on behalf of the supplier.

Below, you may download the aggregated list of vendors provided to the DPU. The DPU has not validated the vendor business information provided by the competitive suppliers.

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Last updated: May 4, 2022

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