We Have Made Improvements to the Employer Experience!


  • A new Unpaid Debt and Credit screen
  • A new Unapplied Credit Details screen


  • The Payment Account Summary screen is now the Financial Transactions screen.
  • The Quarterly Account Summary screen is now the Quarterly Summary Statement screen.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!  You can now access the Quarterly Summary Statement screen (formerly the Quarterly Account Summary screen) right from the Payment Information Menu,/font>

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***Changes to Employer Medical Assistance Contributions (EMAC) effective 1/1/2018***

Employer Medical Assistance Contributions (EMAC)/ Unemployment Health Insurance (UHI) Rates for 2018:
1. Years 1, 2 and 3: New employers subject to unemployment contributions for their first time will now be exempt for the first three years.
2. Year 4: Employers in their fourth year of previously being subject to EMAC/UHI will pay an EMAC/UHI rate of 0.18% (.0018)
3. Year 5: Employers in their fifth year of previously being subject to EMAC/UHI will pay an EMAC/UHI rate of 0.36% (.0036)
4. Year 6 and over: Employers in their sixth year or over of previously being subject to EMAC/UHI will pay an EMAC/UHI rate of 0.51% (.0051)

Section 189A of chapter 149 of the General Laws, effective 1/1/2018 each employer, subject to sections 14, 14A and 14C of chapter 151A, except those who employ not more than 5 employees, shall pay a contribution for each employee who receives health insurance coverage through the Division of Medical Assistance or subsidized insurance through the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority. The contribution shall be computed by multiplying the EMAC taxable wages the employer paid any such employee by 5 per cent up to a maximum annual contribution of $750.00 per employee.

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