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Submit Employment and Wage Detail Report

Each quarter, all employers must submit an employment and wage detail report to DUA. Once users submit their report, the system generates a balance due for unemployment insurance contributions, EMAC, and workforce training fund.
Employment and wage detail reports must be submitted using Unemployment Services for Employers for all quarters starting with the third quarter of 2023 (July-September).

Department of Unemployment Assistance


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The Details   of Submit Employment and Wage Detail Report

What you need   for Submit Employment and Wage Detail Report

Employment and wage detail reports are due on the following dates:

Quarter Due Dates
Q1 April 30
Q2 July 31
Q3 October 31
Q4 January 31

Wages should be reported when they are paid, not when they are earned. For your contribution rate to be calculated accurately, you are required to provide DUA with information about your employees’ wages that is timely and accurate.

The termwages” refers to every form of remuneration paid directly or indirectly to employees including:

  • Salaries
  • Commissions
  • Tips
  • Bonuses
  • Separation pay
  • Reasonable cash value of board, rent, housing, and lodging
  • All payments made in any medium other than cash.

Once you log in, you will need:

  • DUA Employer Account Number 
  • Year/Quarter
  • Employee SSN
  • Employee Last Name
  • Employee First Name
  • Employee Middle Initial
  • Owner/Officer Information
  • Hours Worked
  • UI Gross wages – Subject to Unemployment Insurance
  • MA Wages Subject to Withholding
  • MA Income Tax Amount Withheld
  • Unit Number (also known as Work Location)
  • 12th of the Month Employment data for each month in the quarter
  • Adjustment Reason Code (If you are not making an adjustment, Enter 0)

Fees   for Submit Employment and Wage Detail Report

To avoid interest and penalties, users must file employment and wage detail reports and pay contributions by the due dates listed below. Late filing of employment and wage detail reports will incur a penalty as described in M.G.L. c. 151A sec 14P, paragraph (e).

How to report   Submit Employment and Wage Detail Report

Wage file transmission methods are the same on Unemployment Services for Employers as they were in UI Online (online upload or SFTP upload). There is also a web page that allows for manually initiated bulk files or wage files to be uploaded and a web page to allow employers to enter wage reports on an individual-by-individual basis.

The three bulk file format options are:

  • Massachusetts Standard CSV
  • EFW2

Watch this video for further information on filing employment and wage detail reports.

Users can submit multiple bulk files. Each of those files can contain one or more employer wage files. If, in transmission and error checking, one or more records within an employer wage file fail initial edit checks, then the entire employer wage file will be rejected, and a notification will be sent to the submitter of the bulk file. However, all the other employer wage files within the bulk file will be accepted if each one passes all the edit checks.

If an individual employer wage file fails edit checks when submitted within a bulk file that includes multiple employers, all conforming employers’ wage files will be accepted, and the submitter will have to revise the failed employer wage file and resubmit it.

Reporting wages as a Reimbursable or Contributory Employer

To report wages, you can use the same steps as above:

  1. On the Account panel, click View and File Wage Detail Reports.
  2. Click on Submit Employment and Wage Detail.
  3. Click File Now for the quarter you want to file wages.
  4. Review the What You’ll Need step, and then click Next.
  5. Select the Year and the Quarter for the filing period.
  6. Choose a method to submit wages in the Filing Options step, select the option you want to use to report wages, and then click Next.
    1. Upload electronic wage file: Select this option if you want to upload wages using a Massachusetts Standard CSV, EFW2, or ICESA file.
    2. Use employee data from my most recently filed quarter with wages report: Select this option if you want to populate the wage report with employee information from the last reported quarter and update wages.
    3. Enter individual wage records manually: Select this option if you want to enter all employee details manually.
    4. I don’t have any employment or wages to file for this quarter: Select this option if you do not have wages to report for this quarter.
  7. Upload or enter the appropriate wages.
    1. If you are uploading an electronic wage file:
      1. Select the appropriate file type.
      2. Click the Import Your Electronic Wage File button. A file import window is displayed.
      3. Click the Choose File button and select the appropriate file from your device.
      4. Click OK.
    2. If you are using employee data from the most recently filed quarter:
      1. In the SSN column, click Social Security Number for each employee whose wage details need to be updated.
      2. Enter the appropriate wage and employment information, and then click the OK button.
      3. To remove an employee, click Delete Employee button or the Delete Employee icon.
      4. To add an employee, click Add Employee, and then complete the fields, as necessary.
    3. If you are entering wage records manually:
      1. Click Add Employee.
      2. Enter the employee, wage, and employment information.
      3. Click Add.
      4. Complete the previous steps until all employees are added.
    4. If you do not have any wage details to report:
      1. Proceed to step 7.
  8. Click Next and review the provided summary.
  9. At the bottom of the page, click the check box to certify that all information is correct.
  10. Click Submit. A confirmation number and message is displayed.

Important: You must enter UI Gross Wages in addition to Wages Subject to Withholding.

Contact   for Submit Employment and Wage Detail Report

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