• Bonuses and Annuities

    Massachusetts provides a bonus to veterans of certain campaigns who were living in Massachusetts immediately prior to entry in the armed forces. In case of the death of a veteran, the spouse and children, mother or father, brother or sister, or other dependents of the deceased veteran (in that order) are eligible for a bonus.

  • Family Benefits

    State and federal veterans' benefits are available to the dependents (spouse, children, parents) of eligible veterans.
  • Federal Benefits and Services

    The federal government offers benefits, services, and programs for veterans and their families, as well as members of the Reserve Component.
  • Financial Education Resources

    Online resources to help veterans, servicemembers, and families with finances.
  • Financial and Medical Assistance

    Under Chapter 115 of Mass. General Laws, the Commonwealth provides a program of financial and medical assistance for indigent veterans and their dependents.
  • MilitaryDisabilityMadeEasy.com

    A resource for Veterans looking to navigate the DoD and VA system for disability benefits. This website breaks down the disability benefits process, condition codes, and the rating and appeals system.

  • Mission Direct Vet

    Mission Direct Vet is a jail diversion program that provides services and treatment to veterans as an alternative to incarceration.
  • Guard and Reserve

    An assortment of information, questions, and answers that may help recently called-up Guard and Reserve members and their families.
  • Tax and Motor Vehicles

    Veterans are allowed certain tax exemptions and motor vehicle benefits such as license plates, excise tax exemptions, and vehicle registration exemptions.

  • Veterans' Bill of Rights

  • Service Organizations for All Veterans

  • Code of Massachusetts Regulations 108