Supporting and Empowering Reintegration for Veterans Equality (SERVE)

SERVE provides peer support and case management services across the Commonwealth for veterans involved in the justice system. The SERVE team is comprised of veterans, family members, and others connected to the veteran community.



Veteran peers helping justice-involved veterans transition from court to community. 


To empower veterans to navigate the justice system with confidence, providing them the tools and support necessary to achieve successful outcomes.  Instead of operating within the traditional court system, Veterans Treatment Courts function on a separate track, offering peer specialists and treatment plans tailored to address veterans' specific needs. The SERVE team operates as trusted advocates committed to promoting justice, equality, and the overall well-being of our veteran community. 

What We Do

  • Alternative Sentencing Options: Veterans may have access to treatment instead of jail time, including in-patient drug and alcohol services, out-patient therapy, mental health counseling, and peer support through community-based providers. SERVE works directly with veterans to advocate on their behalf to the court, facilitate connections with court staff, and provide case management.   
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plans: Veterans may receive a psych-social evaluation from a community-based provider that informs a comprehensive treatment plan developed by that provider. In collaboration with clinicians, SERVE submits treatment options and recommendations to the court.   
  • Vet-to-Vet Peer Mentor Program: Veterans may receive continuous peer to peer connection and support from veteran members of the SERVE team for the duration of their treatment.   


Discharge Upgrade

Criminal Record Options

Find out if you are eligible to seal your criminal record or for expungement.


The BRAVE Act provides resources and support for programs that focus on diverting veterans away from traditional court processes. These programs might include veterans' courts or specialized treatment programs tailored to address the specific needs of veterans. By participating in these programs, veterans can receive counseling, treatment for mental health issues, assistance with substance abuse, and other forms of support aimed at helping them reintegrate into society and avoid future legal troubles.

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