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Advisory Ruling

Advisory Ruling Suspected Drug Tampering-MAP Sites

Date: 06/12/2018
Referenced Sources: Medication Administration Program (MAP)

Drug tampering (i.e., adulterating, altering, or substituting a medication or the packaging of a medication) is a serious event with potential criminal consequences. Drug Tampering incidents are not errors or mistakes and can have direct impact to the health and safety of individual(s) supported at the MAP Site. To comply with state regulations, suspected drug tampering for all prescription medications (Schedules II-VI) must be reported to Drug Control Program (DCP) at DPH within 24 hours after discovery [105 CMR 700.003(F)(1)(e)].

When drug tampering is suspected:

  • Contact the individual’s Health Care Provider immediately and refer to the possible tampering. The HCP may want to have the individual evaluated.  Follow the instructions and guidelines from the HCP.
  • The suspected tampering should be immediately reported to the DCP and the local police.
  • Complete and fax a copy of the Drug Incident Report to DCP. A Drug Incident Report Form is available on the DPH website under DCP.
  • Follow instructions and guidelines from the Police and/or DCP.  The tampered-suspected medication should be directly secured at the MAP Site.  
    • Site Supervisor or designee should remove the tampered-suspected medication from the medication storage area and lock it in an area/container that only she/he has the key.
      • If medication is also documented in the Countable Controlled Substance Book, it should be removed from Count.
  • Except for a DCP Investigator or another law enforcement representative (e.g. Police), tampered-suspected medications (evidence) should never be removed from the MAP Site by anyone. When a medication is removed from the site, a Medication Transfer document should be completed.
  • If the tampered-suspected medication is not removed from the MAP site by a law enforcement representative, the medication can be disposed of following MAP medication disposal policy once investigation is complete.

If the MAP site has any questions regarding suspected drug tampering, contact the DCP or the site’s DMH/DCF/DDS MAP Coordinator.

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