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Safeguarding Our Commonwealth’s Waterways: Laws, Programs, and Prevention Tips  

6/21/2024 Trial Court Law Libraries

Learn more about state laws, programs, and guides that are aimed at preserving Massachusetts bodies of water, the local ecosystems, and the native species populations.

A man fly fishing on the Housatonic River, with trees in the background changing to autumn colors

Preserving Berkshire's Natural Beauty: A Guide to Section 39A  

4/22/2024 Trial Court Law Libraries

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we take a look at MGL Section 39A: the "Berkshire Scenic Mountain Act". Learn more about this act and how it is used to preserve the scenic beauty of Berkshire County.

View of Adams, Massachusetts from Mount Greylock.

Cinema of Law: 2024 Film Series  

3/08/2024 Trial Court Law Libraries

A four-film series will be shown at the Berkshire Athenaeum over three weeks in March.

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New Septic System Regulations to Mitigate Nitrogen Pollution on Cape Cod  

2/27/2024 Trial Court Law Libraries

Changes in the Title 5 regulations will require homeowners and/or municipalities in some areas on Cape Cod to address problems related to nitrogen pollution. Help to pay for expenses related to installing new septic systems is available.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has published a map of properties affected by new regulations intended to reduce nitrogen pollution.

Legal Research in the 21st Century: Finding Case Law  

11/20/2023 Trial Court Law Libraries

Legal citation indexes have been used since the 19th century, but computers have now made possible new ways of finding and using case law. The Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries make the tools for conducting legal research available to the public for free.

Legal Research in the 21st Century

Finding Your Property Records  

10/31/2023 Trial Court Law Libraries

Any property owner in Massachusetts has online access to the deed to their property and the property record card used to generate their tax bill by their local assessors. This blog post guides the reader through the process of finding these records.

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Uniform Laws in Massachusetts  

8/03/2023 Trial Court Law Libraries

Uniform or model laws are drafted to establish consistency and fairness across multiple jurisdictions. Learn more about the process by which uniform laws are drafted and enacted in Massachusetts and see a list of those that have been adopted in the state.

Legal research database: Lexis Digital Library  

5/31/2023 Trial Court Law Libraries

Lexis Digital Library, available through the Trial Court Law Libraries, now offers newly-expanded and easier access to its content.

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Celebrating Library Week 2023: April 23-29  

4/26/2023 Trial Court Law Libraries

The Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries are celebrating Library Week, which runs from April 23rd - 29th. Learn more about libraries' recent developments in public services, staff, technology, and more!

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Cinema of Law: 2023 Film Series  

3/06/2023 Trial Court Law Libraries

Viewings will be held every Tuesday during the month of March at the Berkshire Athenaeum Auditorium.

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