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Portraits in Massachusetts Law: Lucy Stone  

11/13/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Portraits in Massachusetts Law is a regular feature of Massachusetts Law Updates.

Portraits in Massachusetts Law

Do Ecosystems Have Standing?  

10/21/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Do ecosystems themselves have the ability to sue? Learn more about the law regarding ecosystems, how they are recognized by the courts, and their legal personhood status in other countries.

Do Animals Have Standing to Sue? Part 2: Animals filing as individuals  

10/20/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Can animals sue in the court of law? Read more about a dolphin named Kama, who was named as a plaintiff in the court case Citizens to End Animal Suffering & Exploitation, Kama, et al. v. New England Aquarium.

Do Animals Have Standing to Sue? Part 1: Animals filing as species  

10/19/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Can an animal species sue on its own behalf for its welfare and survival? Read more about the 1988 case Palila v. Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources and subsequent court commentary on the topic.

Do Corporations Have Standing?  

10/18/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

“Corporations are people, my friend.”— Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts, (Aug. 11. 2011).

Do Trees Have Standing?  

10/17/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

"The sole question is, who has standing to be heard?" Do trees have the power to sue? Read more from Justice William O. Douglas’ dissent in Sierra Club v Morton, 405 U.S. 727, 741 (1972).

Codification of Federal Law Today  

9/26/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Historical Codifications of Federal Law  

9/25/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Codification of Massachusetts Law Today  

9/18/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Learn more about the history of the Massachusetts General Laws and how it is updated and published today.

Historical Codifications of Massachusetts Law  

9/17/2019 Trial Court Law Libraries

Learn more about Massachusetts laws from the 17th century through the early 20th century and how they were published.