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Accredited Schools Online  

Resources for turning your military skills into a civilian career.

Activision Careers for Veterans  


Activision Blizzard is looking to hire qualified Veterans ourselves to help carry out their mission of making epic entertainment for the world. The company knows veterans bring passion, core values, & talent to the workforce, & knows those elements are essential to the company with veterans making it even better. Use the link above to view Activision|Blizzard Veteran's Guide which describes the company's vision, where veterans have a place on their team, & profiles of current veteran employees.

Air Force Tuition Assistance  

Learn how to get tuition assistance for participating Airmen for distance learning and on-campus courses.

Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP)  

U.S. Army

The Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) transitions Soldiers back to the force &/or to Veteran status through a comprehensive program of medical care/rehabilitation management, professional development, & achievement of personal goals. ARCP provides resources & advocacy for Families & caregivers of Soldiers recovering in the program, with more than 80,000 soldiers receiving ARCP services since its inception in 2007. To learn more about the program & to see if you qualify, visit the link above.

Army Tuition Assistance  

U.S. Army

The Tuition Assistance (TA) Program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty civilian education programs in support of a Soldier's professional & personal self-development goals. All the following qualify & are authorized to participate in the TA program: - Soldiers (officers, warrant officers, enlisted) on active duty; - Army National Guard & Reserve Soldiers on active duty; - TPU Soldiers. To learn more & apply today, visit the link above.

Association of the United States Army (AUSA)  

Supporting soldiers, their families, & Army civilians by providing a voice for the Army, member benefits, & honoring those who have served.

Become Career Services  

Red Ventures

Become creates articles & resources to help job seekers spend less time preparing for a job & more time growing in their careers. Their career guides span fields including healthcare, manufacturing, business, tech, & more, explaining the steps you need to take to break into a field — & how to achieve more once you get there. The salary guides help you judge if a career choice is worth the cost of education. To learn more about the great resources offered through Become, visit the link above.

Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Massachusetts  

Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Massachusetts, Inc.

Servicing Western Massachusetts, the Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of MA helps veterans & their families seeking relief & assistance, with the agency assisting in acquiring & all entitled local, state & VA benefits. The agency offers numerous programs & services such as: - Housing - Assistance with benefits - Heating assistance - Career assistance - Education benefits - Clothing assistance - Connection to healthcare - & more. Visit the link above to apply or call: (413) 731-0194

Blind & Low-Vision Rehabilitation Services  

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

Veteran or active-duty service members who are blind or have low vision may be able to get vision care & rehabilitation services through the VA to help live an independent life. Some services include: - Vision-enhancing devices & training - Visual skills training - Sensory training - Mobility & orientation training - Counseling/group therapy, & more. Learn more & register for care near you by visiting the link above. You can also call the Blind Rehabilitation Service Office: (202) 461-7317

Boots to Business (B2B) Program  

Small Business Association (SBA)

Offered by the Small Business Association as part of the Department of Defense's Transition Assistance Program (TAP), Boots to Business (B2B) is an entrepreneurial education & training program that provides veterans with an overview of business ownership. B2B is open to transitioning service members, including National Guard & Reserve components, along with their spouses. To learn more about B2B visit the link above or: Email: Call: (202) 205-VET1 (202-205-8381)