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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Interoperable Radio System (CoMIRS)

CoMIRS is a statewide radio system that provides operable and interoperable communications for public safety and transportation agencies.

CoMIRS is the state’s primary voice radio system, serving hundreds of state, local, and county public safety agencies and scores of other organizations. The CoMIRS network provides mission critical communications and is used by thousands of first responders each day in the protection of Commonwealth lives and property. The CoMIRS Program Management Office’s mission is to modernize the Commonwealth’s interoperable public safety radio system and to provide the infrastructure, planning, and support needed for mission critical radio communications.

In partnership with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Massachusetts State Police, and the State 911 Department, the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security is engaged in a multi-year project to modernize CoMIRS. The project will be accomplished in stages utilizing both legacy CoMIRS subsystems and new P25 subsystems during the build-out. The fundamental goal of this project is to provide a reliable, P25-compliant communications tool for public safety personnel to communicate seamlessly across operational disciplines and jurisdictions for years to come.

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