Councils on Aging & Senior Centers

Councils on Aging are the 350 municipal agencies that provide local outreach, social and health services, advocacy, information and referral for older adults, their families and caregivers.

Councils on Aging & Senior Centers provide support services to elders, families and caregivers in the community. As a local agency, the Councils on Aging & Senior Centers serve as an elder advocate, offers services, and activities for elders.

Council on Aging offerings may include:
-Meals (congregate or home delivered)
-Health screenings
-Health insurance counseling
-Fitness, wellness and recreation activities
-Life-long learning

They serve as a link to and support for elders.

Each Council on Aging determines its own priorities based on local needs and resources. Senior centers are a welcoming place for older adults who wish to remain independent in their community.

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