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DDS Deaf Services

Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

DDS provides education, tools, and resources so our Deaf individuals can move towards independence through health, safety, and productivity

• Work directly with Service Coordinators to provide input about how to approach and communicate with Deaf individuals.
• Consult at or prior to Individual Service Plan or other important meetings.
• Provide Visual Language Assessment services for individuals using American Sign Language, picture boards or other means for communication.
• Consult on transition issues for those turning 22.
• Consult during intake and eligibility for Deaf individuals.
• Visit on-site at individuals' homes or workplaces for a consult.
• Provide cultural awareness and sensitivity training.
• Provide cross-cultural mediation.
• Consult with all units within the Department.
• Provide information regarding other resources.

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