Decision Joseph Sullivan v. Bennell Contracting Corp

Date: 04/08/2005
Organization: Department of Industrial Accidents
Docket Number: DIA Board Nos. 049417-99, 004891-01
Location: Boston
  • Employee: Joseph Sullivan
  • Employer: Bennell Contracting Corp.
  • Insurer: Travelers Insurance Co.

CARROLL, J. The insurer appeals from a decision in which an administrative judge awarded the claimant § 31 benefits for her husband's 1998 death due to a 1978 industrial injury. For the reasons that follow, we reverse the decision in part, and award the § 31 benefits at the rate of compensation applicable to the February 17, 1978 injury, in addition to cost-of-living adjustments under § 34B based on that date of injury.

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