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Decision Mario DePascale v. Big House Fine Dining

Date: 06/14/2016
Organization: Department of Industrial Accidents
Docket Number: DIA Board No. 026436-10
Location: Boston
  • Employee: Mario DePascale
  • Employer: Big House Fine Dining
  • Insurer: Hartford Insurance Company

HORAN, J. The insurer appeals from a decision awarding the employee $10,940.70, pursuant to § 36(1)(k),1 for a work-related limp. We affirm the decision.


1 General Laws c. 152, § 36, provides, in pertinent part:

(1) In addition to all other compensation to the employee shall be paid the sums hereafter designated for the following specific injuries; provided, however, that the employee has not died from any cause within thirty days of such injury.

                                             . . .

(k) For bodily disfigurement, an amount which, according to the determination of the member or reviewing board, is a proper and equitable compensation, not to exceed fifteen thousand dollars; which sum shall be payable in addition to all other sums due under this section.


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