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MCB Statutory Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting - Virtual

Friday, July 30, 2021
12 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Overview of MCB Statutory Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting - Virtual


Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Statutory Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting

Friday, July 30, 2021

12:00 to 2:00 pm ET

This meeting is being recorded.

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  • Chair Opening
  • Request that MCB record SAB meetings and make recordings available to the public and that procedure be agreed upon whereby consumers may obtain a recording of the meeting.
  • Vote to accept the June 18th, 2021 Minutes
  • Expression by the chair that SAB is only notified of material policy changes after they are implemented and that we are being deprived of our ability to give advice subsequent to implementation. 
  • Welcome to any members of the public attending the meeting and request that they raise questions or comments. 
  • Status of request to the Commissioner that the SAB be provided with quarterly financials on an ongoing basis (in a format convenient to MCB) and that the CFO or one of her colleagues be available for a short amount of time to answer budget-related questions. 
  • Commissioner Budget Update
    • Year-to-date MCB financial statements.
    • Estimates-Spending in all accounts- balance of FY21.  What amount of budgeted funds were not spent and will be reverted?
    • Status of Senate Amendment #432 that would restore $850,000 to MCB budget.
  • Comments by Joe Abely and other SAB members regarding the budget
  • Update by Commissioner with particular focus on concern regarding next year’s budget and the impact of expected increased demand for MCB services.
  • Revising questionnaire that must be completed by applicants for MCB services in light of particular concerns of LGBTQ Trans consumers, and discussion of other concerns they may have.
  • Guidelines pertaining to wearing of masks and vaccination requirements for consumers and MCB employees when these groups interact with one another.
  • Brief update from June meeting on:
    • Comprehensive State Needs Assessment  
    • Feasibility Study to Evaluate Establishment of a For-Profit Business Employing the Blind.
  • Brief update from June meeting on “Dashboards” for tracking MCB performance. 
  • Brief update from June meeting on strategic plan to track performance of employees and delivery of services. 
  • AIM Library update
  • Should future SAB meetings be virtual, hybrid or solely in-person, meeting in the Commission’s conference room.
  • Other business