Hinton State Laboratory Building - Contractor Work Permit

The Contractor Work Permit must be signed by the Facility Manager before an agency may have materials delivered or work begun by an outside contractor.

You will need:

All facility construction, renovations and upgrades are conducted and/or managed by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Facilities Department. For other instances requiring the use of outside contractors, by building occupants (e.g. test equipment installation, maintenance, repairs, etc.) the following must be completed.

Agencies must have a permit from DCAMM to make any changes to their work spaces. Contractors are not allowed into DCAMM buildings without a signed copy of this permit. Contractors and agencies must follow all contractor work permit stipulations. Original and copies (as well as related drawings, floor plans, and charts) must be received by DCAMM two weeks prior to beginning the project.


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