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MDAR Apiary Inspection Request Form

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Honey bee health inspections are conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) Apiary Program Team as visits by Apiary Inspectors to apiaries in Massachusetts. Inspections are performed for regulatory purposes (i.e. import, export, investigation) at the discretion of the inspectors and routinely upon beekeeper request. Regulatory inspections are considered a priority over routine beekeeper requests. 

Apiary Inspectors will notify and schedule inspections in advance with beekeepers. Beekeepers can elect to be present or not for the inspection. During the inspection, the Apiary Inspector performs an inspection by examining live, declining or expired colonies and nucs as well as used equipment to evaluate honey bee health.

Apiary Inspectors may also support beekeepers by answering questions related to colony health or management as well as provide recommendations. Apiary Inspectors do not assist in colony management (i.e. requeen, split, remove honey supers, etc.) or treatment application (i.e. miticides, medications, etc.). After the visit, the Apiary Inspector will provide a written summary of findings to the beekeeper as an Inspection Report or Health Certificate. If the Apiary Inspector collects honey bee samples during the visit and submits to diagnostic labs for analysis, results will be sent directly to the beekeeper via email from the lab.