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Self-identify as a Socially-Disadvantaged Farmer or Producer

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By completing this form, your farm or business information is added to a database maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR).

MDAR is establishing a database of socially-disadvantaged farmers to ensure that self-identified farmers are kept informed of the opportunity to provide produce to the Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement (LFPA) Program, and other Department initiatives, by email and other communication methods.

MDAR recognizes the historic barriers to farmland and agricultural resources for socially-disadvantaged farmers and producers. By maintaining a database of socially-disadvantaged farmers and producers, and through its Environmental Justice Policy, MDAR seeks to enhance communication and ensure equal access to Department opportunities. If you have any questions about MDAR’s Environmental Justice strategy, or how your responses to this form will be used, please contact Rebecca Davidson at 857-202-7699 or Rebecca.Davidson@Mass.gov.