Submit a public records request to the OSA

The form below is the best way to submit a public records request to the Office of the State Auditor.

Please note the following directions in completing the below form:

  1. Please use this form only to submit a public records request. Do not use this form as a method of “contacting” the OSA.
  2. You may find general guidance about the OSA’s public records request process here.
  3. The OSA can only respond to requests for records that are within its possession and cannot respond to requests seeking records from other agencies.
  4. If you need to submit supplemental materials as part of your public records request, please contact the OSA’s Records Access Officer for instruction as to how to submit your supplementary materials.
  5. Please direct any and all press/media inquiries to the OSA’s Director of Communications at (617) 727-6200, Extension 5554.

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