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Quick access to contact information for each bureau in the division. Includes names, telephone numbers and shared contact email addresses when applicable.

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DLS Executive Staff

DLS Executive Staff Contact Information
Name Email Telephone
Sean Cronin,
Senior Deputy Commissioner
croninse@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2381
Dan Bertrand bertrandd@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2377
Janie Dretler dretlerj@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2320
Jennifer McAllister mcallisterj@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-3838

Taxpayer, media and public information inquiries should be directed to dlswebcontacts@dor.state.ma.us

Additional Resources   for DLS Executive Staff

Bureau of Accounts

Deb Wagner, Director

Tony Rassias, Deputy Director

Boston Bureau of Accounts Field Representatives
Name Email Telephone
Martin DiMunah dimunahm@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2302
Thomas Guilfoyle guilfoylet@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2351
Katie Scopelleti scopelletik@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2312
Sue Whouley whouleys@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-3086
For Questions on the State House Notes Program
Name Email Telephone
Bill Arrigal arrigal@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2399
Worcester Bureau of Accounts Field Representatives 
Name Email Telephone
Bobbi Jo Colburn colburnb@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2308
Amy Handfield handfielda@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2318
Andrew Nelson nelsona@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2462
Kim Peloquin peloquink@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2317
Springfield Bureau of Accounts Field Representatives 
Name Email Telephone
Matthew Andre andrem@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3978
Jared Curtis curtisj@dor.state.ma.us 617- 626-2346
David Guzman guzmanda@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3975
Jim Podolak podolakj@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3976


Key Actions   for Bureau of Accounts

Additional Resources   for Bureau of Accounts

Bureau of Local Assessment

Christopher Wilcock, Bureau Chief

Boston Bureau of Local Assessment Field Advisors
Name Email Telephone
Thomas Dawley dawleyt@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2389
Steven McCarthy mccarthys@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2334
Stephen Sullivan sullivanst@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2393
Jennifer Williams williamsje@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-3937

              Program Coordinators




Lauren Aldrich aldrichl@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3973
Linda Bradley bradleyl@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2394

John Gillet



James Paquette



Worcester Bureau of Local Assessment Field Advisors

Name Email Telephone
Rebecca Boucher boucherr@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2319
Gerard Creen creeng@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2316
Mary Oliver oliverm@dor.state.ma.us


Scott Santangelo santangelos@dor.state.ma.us 508-421-2325


Springfield Bureau of Local Assessment Field Advisors
Name Email Telephone
Joe Barbieri barbierij@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3982
Sandra Bruso bruso@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3983
Ryan Johnson johnsonry@dor.state.ma.us  
Paula King kingpj@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3979

Key Actions   for Bureau of Local Assessment

Additional Resources   for Bureau of Local Assessment

Bureau of Municipal Finance Law

Kenneth Woodland, Bureau Chief

DLS Attorneys
James Crowley Emily Izzo
John Gannon Kelly Donato
Ryan Dunn  


Financial Management Resource Bureau

Zack Blake, Bureau Chief


Name Email
Kasey Bik bikk@dor.state.ma.us
Marcia Bohinc bohincm@dor.state.ma.us
Theo Kalivas kalivast@dor.state.ma.us
Tara Lynch lyncht@dor.state.ma.us
Melinda Ordway ordway@dor.state.ma.us
Jessica Sizer sizerj@dor.state.ma.us


Key Actions   for Financial Management Resource Bureau

Data Analytics and Resources Bureau

Gene Voskov, Bureau Chief

Data Analytics and Resources Staff

Name Email Telephone
Donnette Benvenuto benvenutod@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2360
Tracy Callahan callahant@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2385
Tod Jackson jacksont@dor.state.ma.us 413-452-3974
Melissa Murphy murphyme@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2387
Donald Reynolds reynoldsd@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2356
Gail Simms simmsg@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2359
DLS Gateway Support dlsgateway@dor.state.ma.us  617-626-2350
Municipal Data Requests databank@dor.state.ma.us 617-626-2384

Media & public inquiries

Taxpayer, media and public information inquiries should be directed to dlswebcontacts@dor.state.ma.us


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